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      Matias Bentel

      Senior Vice President, Chief Brands Officer

      Matias Bentel

      Matias Bentel is the Chief Brands Officer and a Senior Vice President of Brown- Forman Corporation. He is responsible for the Global Marketing Function.

      Matias joined Brown Forman in 2008 as Marketing Director for Latin America & Caribbean. He became Chief of Staff for Latin America in 2014 and Managing Director for Mexico two years later.

      As a member of the corporation’s Executive Leadership Team, he serves as Executive Sponsor for the Hispanic/Latin employee resource group known as COPA.

      Prior to joining Brown-Forman, Bentel held various marketing roles at Diageo and Allied Domecq based in S?o Paulo and Mexico City respectively.

      Bentel holds a bachelor’s degree in business management from the Argentine Catholic University in Buenos Aires, where he grew up. He, his wife Valeria, and their two children Lucas and Julia live in Louisville, Kentucky.