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      Our success comes down to one vital ingredient: Our People
      Together, through dedication to each other, our common values, and our shared vision, we are building a better business — now and for generations to come.

      Learning and Listening

      We believe that everyone’s ideas, voice, and actions matter. To put that belief into practice, we cultivate a caring culture that empowers each of us to grow personally and professionally. To help us understand our colleagues’ commitment to the company and where we need to do better, we conduct an all-employee engagement survey every two years.

      Key findings from our Employee Engagement & Enablement Survey


      Engagment rate

      Enablement rate

      Feel proud to work at Brown-Forman

      Believe in our values

      Feel they are treated with repect and everyone is treated fairly

      Brown-Formans championship team from the 2016 Heuser Cup.

      Supporting Good Health

      Healthy families and communities are the building blocks that empower us all to bring our best self to work every day. We care deeply about the well -being of our global family and support the physical, emotional, social, and financial well -being of our people and their families.

      A speaker addressing the crowd at an Employee Resource Group event

      Building a Diverse Family

      Creating a culture of belonging where every individual can bring his or her true self to work is absolutely essential to our success and to our caring environment. The more diverse the skills, talents, and perspectives we can draw on, and the more inclusive our workplace, the better placed Brown-Forman is for the future.

      Our Employee Resource Group (ERG) networks help solidify strong team relationships and trust between our people. The ERGs also act as innovation hubs, fostering our people’s unique capabilities and contributing to our business success. More information about our ERGs is available?here.

      Cover of the 2019 Annual Report2019 Annual and CR Report

      2019 Annual and CR Report
      Other Downloads and Reports
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      Cover of Brown-Forman 2019 Corporate Responsibility Scorecard
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